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Sonic Drive In 2009
Cruisin' for a Wish Car Show
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March Meet 2009 Gallery

Wrecked Funny Car

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Famoso Raceway
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What's Hottest?


6th Annual Riders N Rods

Bakersfield, California

Car, Truck and Bike Show

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In 2008 we divided the event into the 8 categories below.


The under the hood category is new. Something that we noticed is missing from earlier shows that AMH has attended.

As for the general feel of this years car show. It started out to be a fantastically cool morning and climbed up into the mid 80s' by afternoon. Everyone who attended seemed to be having a great time. Chuy's Restaurant served great food and the atmosphere was a-blaze with excitement. We're not kidding! The bar-bee-"q" was a smokin, and you could smell that great Chuy's chicken for miles! But, wading through the smoke was worth it! -- Chicken, Beans, Rice, and a Roll! MMMMMMMMMMM!!!

The event was a gigantic hit for the Bakersfield crowd who walked the parking lot examining each entry that filled the category of Americas Hottest Cars. Plus the event t-shirts were a big hit for show attendees. The band Divided Highway was ROckIn too!

As for the cars, trucks, bikes, and more. They were like the chicken HOT and Smokin! The only way to describe them is to show 'em off here at amhcars.


Remember each year we pick one favorite and this year is a smoking gem. Or should we say a Blue Diamond?


Proceeds will be used to help send Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association Children to Summer Camp


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